Galaxy Tab will be available in Singapore only to SingTel customers from 13th Nov 2010. You can pre-order the Galaxy Tab from and pre-order begins on 30th October 2010 till 12th November 2010. No word on the pricing yet as it will be revealed on the 14th November 2010.

The Galaxy Tab will be available with SingTel’s existing 3G Flexi price plans and a range of SingTel’s home and mobile broadband plans.

Galaxy Tab will be bundled with a few SingTel Apps:

  • De!ite – View a wide selection of Singapore’s most loved magazines. This includes popular titles such as Hardware Magazine, Australasia Scuba Diver and ZbBz
  • AMPed – SingTel’s social music service
  • MobileTV – SingTel’s video streaming service
  • Roam Track – Monitor and alert your overseas mobile roaming expenses when charges have exceeded a pre-defined level
  • GD121 – SingTel GlobalDial 121 service for overseas calls

For more information, please check out the press release link below.

Press Release: SingTel introduces a new category of mobile multimedia devices with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Official Site: Samsung Galaxy Tab

SingTel has release the prices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

3G Flexi Lite

  • Galaxy Tab Price: S$538
  • Monthly Subscription: S$39.00
  • Free Local Outgoing Calls (anytime): 100 minutes

3G Flexi

  • Galaxy Tab Price: S$298
  • Monthly Subscription: S$56.00
  • Free Local Outgoing Calls (anytime): 200 minutes

3G Flexi Plus

  • Galaxy Tab Price: S$0
  • Monthly Subscription: S$95.00
  • Free Local Outgoing Calls (anytime): 500 minutes

For the above 3 plans, the bundled Free Local Data is 12GB and bundled Free Local SMS is 500.

Customers will enjoy a $50 early-bird discount off the price of the Galaxy Tab when they make their purchase with a 3G Flexi plan at before 13 Nov 2010. They will also receive a free Bluetooth headset and 16GB micro SD card, as well as a pair of tickets to an exclusive Galaxy Tab post-launch party.

BroadBand Package
SingTel also offers a broadband package for customers who wish to use the Galaxy Tab as an internet device for the home. The Galaxy Tab comes bundled with this package aka Free and you pay a monthly subscription fee of S$75.90. It comes with integrated wireless modem and 3G Mobile Data SIM card with free local data (30GB) for mobile broadband.