NetDNA, a Content Distribution Network (CDN) company, is now sponsoring! So now I am offloading all my static files (Images, CSS & JavaScript) to NetDNA’s CDN services.

They have 10 data centers around the world and provide CDN services for more than 200 large websites such as:

Check out their Customers Page that comes with case studies.

Setting Up
This is my first time setting up a CDN and it took me only 30 minutes to do it and after that the bulk of the time is waiting for Starhub DNS servers to get refreshed/flush so that my CNAME works.

If you are using WordPress (like me), the plugin, W3 Total Cache, makes it a no brainer to hook onto NetDNA’s CDN. Just download W3 Total Cache, upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and read the Installation Guide.

web site acceleration
NetDNA – Manage Zones
web site acceleration
NetDNA – Create A New Pull Zone
web site acceleration
W3 Total Cache – General Settings
web site acceleration
W3 Total Cache – CDN Settings
web site acceleration
DirectAdmin – DNS Settings

And that is it! You now have a working CDN for your WordPress powered site! You may want to play around with W3 Total Cache settings to further optimize your site through JS/CSS Minification, Object Cache, Database Cache, etc.

Do drop NetDNA a visit if you need CDN services for your website. You can request a quotation by filling in this form.