kaypo.me is an interesting service created by my fellow NUS SoC graduate, Kent Nguyen. It allows you to update your Facebook status via SMS. Not many people are on smart phones with data plan but almost everyone has a mobile plan that comes with at least 300 free SMSes per month. Even feature phones will work with this service as well.

Currently receiving or replying status’ comments via SMS is in beta, hopefully it will be available for the public soon.

KPo /kay po/ is a service to bridge the existing gap that allow Facebook users to update their status via SMS. The service is not only meant for non-smartphone users, it does benefit smartphone users as it offers a very quick way to update status without having to wait for the Facebook app to launch. Not only the service will do updating from mobile to Facebook, the receiving and replying to status comment feature is soon to be released.

What’s different between KPo and many other services is that KPo’s philosophy is to keep it simple, we want to give mobile users the most intuitive experience via the primitive yet effective SMS channel. On top of that KPo runs on very low cost yet stable systems and we do have a sustainable business model in place for the long run.

This reminds me of TweetSG some time back where you can send a tweet via SMS. But unfortunately due to the high traffic (and thus high cost), they couldn’t survive as a free service and eventually they sort of become inactive. Let’s hope kaypo.me will be more successful than TweetSG.