Got the Bluelounge CableBox Mini for S$37.35 at the Design Museum Shop which is located at Red Dot Traffic.

Challenger also does sell the Bluelounge CableBox Mini and it is cheaper, for S$34.90 (after member’s discount is S$31.41) but they have only 3 colors available which are Pink, Blue and Yellow. I needed white to match my white Huawei Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and Huawei Residential Gateway (RG). Design Museum Shop does sell all colors of CableBox Mini.

The reason for getting the CableBox Mini instead of the normal CableBox is because the normal CableBox is too long to be placed on top of my Dry Cabinet which is located in the living room. The price difference between the mini and normal CableBox is about S$15.

Bluelounge CableBox Mini

Size Comparison