Bought the Case-Mate Waddler Penguin Case (Black) For iPhone 4/4S (Amazon link) from Amazon for Li Xiang as her birthday present! She likes penguin and I can’t find any penguin iPhone cases beside this one from Case-Mate.

It cost US$24.99 (S$31.63) and shipping to Singapore is an additional US$7 (S$8.85), and hence I paid a total of US$31.99 (S$40.49) for it. I ordered on 5th October 2011 but due to it being out of stock after I placed my order, I only received it on 24th October 2011.

The reason why I ordered from Amazon is because Case-Mate website does not have Singapore in it’s shipping country dropdown list despite it ships internationally! WTF man!


Front View

Back View

With iPhone 4S