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Case-Mate Waddler Penguin Case (Black) For iPhone 4/4S

Bought the Case-Mate Waddler Penguin Case (Black) For iPhone 4/4S (Amazon link) from Amazon for Li Xiang as her birthday present! She likes penguin and I can’t find any penguin iPhone cases beside this one from Case-Mate.

It cost US$24.99 (S$31.63) and shipping to Singapore is an additional US$7 (S$8.85), and hence I paid a total of US$31.99 (S$40.49) for it. I ordered on 5th October 2011 but due to it being out of stock after I placed my order, I only received it on 24th October 2011.


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MiPow Power Tube 6600

My Hong Kong cousin gave me the MiPow Power Tube 6600 (online store) which is retailing for S$125. It boosts a battery capacity of 6,600mAh and is made from aluminum case with durable anodized colors.

The package includes charging tips for iPad/iPhone/iPod, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy, PSP, Nintendo DSL/DSi/3DS and Female USB.

Box Front

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Verizon’s iPhone 4 Summary

Verizon Wireless announced last night (12am SGT) that they will be selling the iPhone 4 as well in the US. The difference from AT&T and perhaps the rest of the world iPhone 4 is that it will be a CDMA version as opposed to a GSM version.

In terms of physical design, it is more or less the same with only three slight differences with the metal band surrounding the iPhone 4. See top, left and right view comparison.

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Speck PixelSkin HD

Received my Speck PixelSkin HD (Black) from the iPhone 4 Case Program 2 days ago. It was shipped on the 7th September 2010 and I received it on the 14th September 2010.

The PixelSkin HD is made up of Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) which makes it much harder than those cheap silicon cases. I like the finish of the case, it is in matt black and according to Wikipedia, it is resistance to oil, grease and abrasion and hence it is somewhat resistance to fingerprints!

Packaging Front

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Apple iPhone 4 Bumper

Received my Apple iPhone 4 Bumpers (Black) from the iPhone 4 Case Program today. It was shipped on the 20th August 2010 and it took about 5 days to reach me. The Apple iPhone 4 Bumper is retailing for US$29.

I can’t really find anything special about the bumper besides the metallic material used for the volume controls and power button. It does not protect the back which is major disadvantage.

Packaging Front

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Incase Snap Case For iPhone 4

My Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 (Clear) from the iPhone 4 Case Program has arrived yesterday! Received a shipping notification from Apple on the 16th August 2010 and it took 4 days to reach my letterbox . Since this is a free case, it is being delivered by DHL Global Mail instead of DHL Express and hence the casing is placed in an envelope and delivered to your letterbox instead of your doorstep.

The Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 is the most expensive case among the iPhone 4 Case Program, retailing for US$34.95.

Packaging Front

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iPhone 4 Case Program

If you bought an iPhone 4 you are entitled to a free case by Apple as part of the iPhone 4 Case Program. You must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase and to qualify for this program, you must purchase your iPhone 4 before 30th September 2010.

To register for a free case, you need to to download the “iPhone 4 Case Program” app from the App Store.

My iPhone 4 Case Program Order

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Apple iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapters

When I first got my iPhone 3G back in 2008, I searched high and low for the dock adapter for my universal dock. I could not find it on Apple Singapore Online Store or in any authorized Apple Reseller Shops.

I only got it a year after (in 2009) when I went to Taiwan for my graduate trip and I saw it selling in an authorized Apple Reseller Shop.

Packaging Front View

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SwitchEasy Nude For iPhone 4

Bought the SwitchEasy Nude for iPhone 4 at VivoCity’s Best Denki for S$32. Not much iPhone 4 cases to choose from since the iPhone 4 has only been launched for less than 2 months.

SwitchEasy Nude is essentially a 1mm thin casing made from GE Lexan polycarbonate material. It is so thin that I almost broke it when I tried to take it out after placing my iPhone in it. I heard numeroes complains that once you drop *touch wood* your iPhone 4 with the casing on, the casing will crack.

Front View

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