On the 20th December 2011, SingTel launches the first LTE service in Singapore and it is available to both consumer and business users. The new LTE service will initially be available for USB dongle modems only. It will be enhanced to support LTE-enabled smartphones and tablets when they become more readily available in the market.

The new LTE Broadband on Mobile (BBOM) plan is called Mobile Prestige 75.

Broadband on Mobile Prestige 75 Price Plan

  • Price (including GST): S$69.90/month
  • Data Bundle: 50GB 3G data (21Mbps) + 10GB LTE data
  • Excess Charges: S$0.512/MB, Capped at S$94.16/month
  • Download Speed: 75Mbps (Theoretical), 3.4Mbps to 12Mbps (Typical)
  • Comes with free LTE dongle and free Wireless@SG (3Mbps)


  • Users can expect 3.4Mbps to 12Mbps speeds more than 80% of the time in areas of coverage. Speeds and user experience are dependent on factors such as the user’s location from base stations, the number of users in the area, the mobile devices used, as well as the response of websites accessed. Users may also experience slower speeds indoors where mobile signals are blocked by walls and structures.
  • Three times faster than dongle-based 21Mbps 3G mobile broadband service. Network latency will vary depending on the location of the web servers accessed by the user. 80% lower latency was measured for Singapore-based servers.