I was sent the Chef Sleeve (for iPad) for review all the way from the US. The Chef Sleeve is essentially a transparent plastic bag that you can place your iPad in when you are using it in the kitchen when cooking or baking.

This ensure that your iPad will not be dirtied by the grease on your finger or flour on the table when you need to use it in the kitchen (for checking recipes online or even watching YouTube for cooking/baking tutorial).

Li Xiang even mentioned that it is good for girls who use their iPad on the makeup table (watching their favorite Korean videos on YouTube while having their makeup on). The Chef Sleeve will ensure that their makeup powder will not dirty the iPad.

Some other use cases includes hospital & clinic, car workshops and you can even bring your iPad to the beach without worrying the sand getting into the ports of your iPad.

The Chef Sleeve will work for all generations of iPad.

Some of the Chef Sleeve features:

  • Effortless Protection – A re-sealable strip makes it easy to close the sleeve. When you’re done making a mess, just dispose or recycle. It’s as simple and worry-free as that.
  • Ultra-Clear Material – Unlike other plastic bags, you will hardly know Chef Sleeve is there.
  • Touch Sensitive – You can still use all your favorite apps while making a mess. Your iPad’s touch screen works perfectly under the thin protective film.
  • Designed Specifically for the iPad – The sleeve fits perfectly, allowing you to easily grip your iPad while providing coverage for all output/input ports.
  • Packaging Doubles as a Stand – The sturdy packaging has a trick up its sleeve. It can be used as an iPad stand.
  • 100% Recyclable – Chef Sleeve is good for your iPad and the environment.

If you are living in Singapore, you can get the Chef Sleeve for S$35 per box at Hip Product Factory. If you order online, do remember to quote my name “Lester Chan” and you will get S$5 off =)

Alternatively, you can get it from Howards Storage World located in Harbourfront, Millenium Walk and Parkway Parade. It will be available soon at other stores such as Sprint-Cass (Changi Airport), iStudio, Juzz1, Takashimaya, etc.

If you live in the US, the Chef Sleeve will cost about US$20 and you can get it at the following locations.

Facebook: Chef Sleeve – Singapore

Chef Sleeve - Box
Chef Sleeve – Box
Chef Sleeve - Box
Chef Sleeve – Box
Chef Sleeve - Box As Stand
Chef Sleeve – Box As Stand
Chef Sleeve
Chef Sleeve
Chef Sleeve - With iPad (Front)
Chef Sleeve – With iPad (Front)
Chef Sleeve - With iPad (Back)
Chef Sleeve – With iPad (Back)