CableKeeps was the 4th Kickstarter project that I backed. I backed it last year on the 11th August 2011 and the project got funded on the 9th September 2011. They raised a total of US$37,498 out of the initial goal of US$35,000.

My pledge was US$28 and an additional US$10 for shipping (total US$38) for a choice of any two units (Nibbles, Goldie, or Gulp). I chose Goldie and Gulp.

After almost 8 months in the making, I finally got my CableKeeps yesterday, 14th May 2011!

So what is CableKeeps? As you all might know, all the MacBook chargers do come with a built-in cable winder but the same feature is missing from iPod/iPad/iPhone chargers. So basically CableKeeps add this missing feature to your existing iPod/iPad/iPhone chargers.

The Gulp will fit the any iPad chargers and any iPhone chargers with international adaptor plug. The Goldie will only fit US’s iphone chargers. I have no idea why at that time I chose the Goldie instead of Nibbles since I do not have a US’s iphone charger with me (should have gotten one when I am in the US).

Do ignore the damaged boxes in the pictures below, this got to be my worst shipment I had from the USA via USPS.

CableKeeps - Gulp (Box Front)
CableKeeps – Gulp (Box Front)
CableKeeps - Gulp
CableKeeps – Gulp
CableKeeps - Gulp (With Cable)
CableKeeps – Gulp (With Cable)
CableKeeps - Goldie (Box Front)
CableKeeps – Goldie (Box Front)
CableKeeps - Goldie
CableKeeps – Goldie