KeySmart was born out of a Kickstarter project in May 2013 where it raised a total of US$329,862 out of their initial goal of US$6,000 from 8,900 backers.

KeySmart is a compact key holder that can hold between 2 to 8 keys (or up to 100 keys with expansion packs). It will fit any keys of length up to 8cm. Because of the way it is designed, it will eliminate any key jingle when it is in your pockets.

It is made with aircraft aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and has a laser engraved logo. KeySmart is made in the USA while it’s accessories are made in China.

I bought my KeySmart directly from KeySmart’s website.

Shipping to Singapore is an additional US$4.99 (S$7). You can also ship it to your US freight forwarder. Shipping is free in the US if your order is US$25 and above. For international orders, your order needs to be US$45 and above to qualify for free shipping.

You can get a 10% discount for you KeySmart with the coupon code “LASTCHANCE”.

In Singapore, Sky Werkz do sell KeySmart on Qoo10. If you are getting just the KeySmart, getting it from Sky Werkz is cheaper. However, if you want to include accessories as well, getting directly from KeySmart’s website is cheaper with the 10% discount even if you include the US$4.99 shipping.

I bought the KeySmart Extended (Orange) for US$20.98 (S$30), two Quick Disconnect at US$2.98 (S$4.30) each and a Loop Piece for US$1.98 (S$2.80).

After the 10% discount, I paid US$26.03 (S$37). I shipped it to my US freight forwarder for consolidation as shipping is free within the US if your order is US$25 and above.

KeySmart - Packaging Front
KeySmart – Packaging Front
KeySmart - Packaging Back
KeySmart – Packaging Back
KeySmart - Packaging Open
KeySmart – Packaging Open
KeySmart - Front
KeySmart – Front
KeySmart - Side
KeySmart – Side
KeySmart - Back
KeySmart – Back
KeySmart - Disassembled
KeySmart – Disassembled
KeySmart - Quick Disconnect
KeySmart – Quick Disconnect
KeySmart - Assembled
KeySmart – Assembled
KeySmart - Assembled
KeySmart – Assembled