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KeySmart – Pocket Key Organizers & Key Holders

KeySmart was born out of a Kickstarter project in May 2013 where it raised a total of US$329,862 out of their initial goal of US$6,000 from 8,900 backers.

KeySmart is a compact key holder that can hold between 2 to 8 keys (or up to 100 keys with expansion packs). It will fit any keys of length up to 8cm. Because of the way it is designed, it will eliminate any key jingle when it is in your pockets.

KeySmart - Packaging Front
KeySmart – Packaging Front

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Blockey is a key management system that can simplify your pockets without spoiling the integrity of design and practicality. It is made of Aluminum 7075 which is known for its strength and scratch resistant components. Aluminum 7075 can also be found in bike shafts, rock climbing gear, aerospace applications, etc.

I backed Blockey on Kickstarter on the 12th October 2013 and it was funded successfully on 14th January 2014 after raising US$39,742 out of their initial goal of US$21,000.

Blockey - Box Front
Blockey – Box Front

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PowerPac Plug Key

Bought a packet of 3 PowerPac Plug Keys from Challenger at Funan for S$0.90 (after 20% member’s discount is S$0.72). This Plug Key will convert your 3-pin plug socket to support a 2-pin plug power cable.

Since Singapore was once part of the British, we follow the British BS 1363 standard.

Packaging Front
Packaging Front

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