Zero Latency has landed in Singapore! For the unaware, Zero Latency is a free-roam multiplayer virtual reality gaming. It provides you with a hyper-immersive, state-of-the-art VR gaming experience.

Singapore is the 14th branch in the world after major cities in Japan, USA, Spain, and Australia.

Zero Latency Singapore is being brought in by Tomorrow Entertainment who is also the owner for Bounce in Singapore.

Zero Latency Singapore is opening its door to the public starting from today, and they are located in Suntec City (3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-346/347, Singapore 038983).

If you need directions, they are located at level 3 beside Lobby N, North Wing (Orange Zone) of Suntec City. You will see shops like Lego, Kasiamobile, Evergreen Stationery and VietBox around it.

Opening hours are as follows:

  • Sundays through Thursdays (including Public Holidays): 10am to 10pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays (including eve of Public Holidays): 10am to 11pm

At launch, Zero Latency Singapore will have three gaming worlds to choose from:

  • Engineerium (15 mins): Perfect for first-timers and VR experimenters, this family-friendly fantasy alien world combines ancient floating platforms and puzzle challenges which will open your eyes to the
    phenomenal world of virtual reality.
  • Zombie Survival (15mins): Bunker down in a fort surrounded by waves and waves of Zombies. Can you stay alive until the rescue team arrives? A medium-intensity gaming undead shooter experience that guaranteed to keep your adrenaline alive.
  • Singularity (30mins): Hardcore gaming just got serious. How will you fare against killer robots and rogue drones in zero gravity? Watch out for danger in a secret military space station; your survival will depend on which of four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun) you use against the enemy so choose wisely.
Zero Latency - Engineerium
Zero Latency – Engineerium
Zero Latency - Zombie Survival
Zero Latency – Zombie Survival
Zero Latency - Singularity
Zero Latency – Singularity

Regarding pricing, it is S$69 for 30 minutes, but they are giving a S$10 discount at launch. So you will be paying just S$59.

Packages RRP Launch Price
Engineerium + Zombie Survival S$69 S$59
Zombie Survival + Zombie Survival S$69 S$59
Singularity S$69 S$59

Booking is done online at Zero Latency website. Here is the direct link,

Upon entering the shop, there are three iPads on the left for registration.

Zero Latency - Registration
Zero Latency – Registration

When registering, you need to key in your email, name, height (there are minimum and maximum height limit), dominant hand, and gender.

Zero Latency - Registration
Zero Latency – Registration

After registration, you can proceed on to the reception area to wait for your turn. They do sell drinks in the reception area.

Zero Latency - Reception Area
Zero Latency – Reception Area

Each session can accommodate up to 8 players simultaneously, and each session will take 30 minutes excluding the 10 minutes gameplay briefing which includes safety and game objectives.

Zero Latency - Briefing Room
Zero Latency – Briefing Room

Some safety rules include no running and no jumping on the game floor. Also, always listen to the game master.

Zero Latency - Briefing
Zero Latency – Briefing

After the briefing, you will have to suit up. Lockers are provided for free if you are carrying a bag.

You will be carrying a military-grade backpack containing a high-performance Alienware PC gaming computer, Razer-integrated headphones with microphone and OSVR HDK2 virtual reality headset.

Zero Latency - Backpacks
Zero Latency – Backpacks

The staff doesn’t know the exact weight, but I am guessing it to be about 5kg.

Zero Latency - Backpacks
Zero Latency – Backpacks

For Zombie Survival and Singularity, you will be issued a custom-made simulated weapon called “Raven.”

Zero Latency - Raven
Zero Latency – Raven Rifle

There are four interaction points on the Raven: Mode, Trigger, Pump, and Reload. The mode is to switch between different weapons and some weapons require you to pump before firing like a shotgun.

Zero Latency - Raven Rifle
Zero Latency – Raven Rifle

After suiting up, you will be brought to the game floor which is a big dark open space with grid markings on the floor.

Zero Latency - Game Floor
Zero Latency – Game Floor

Once you completed the game, you will be brought to the debriefing room where you have to return your backpack and the Raven rifle.

Zero Latency - Debriefing Room
Zero Latency – Debriefing Room

You can get to see how well you did in the game at the television scoreboard at the reception area.

Zero Latency - Highest Score
Zero Latency – Highest Score

My Experience
I tried all three gaming world, and my favorite gaming world is Singularity because you get to walk around in a spaceship shooting droids.

Zero Latency - Gaming Worlds
Zero Latency – Gaming Worlds

Engineerium is my first gaming world, and I find it a little boring. You do not get a weapon, and you just keep on walking. It is designed for people who have not tried VR before and as the game felt like a tutorial to me.

Zombie Survival is alright. You do not need to walk; you just have to keep on shooting the zombies. It is pretty intense.

The backpack might feel heavy at first, but you will get used to it. Instead, it is the Raven rifle that makes your arms tired after 30 minutes of intense gameplay.

Try to wear a comfortable pair of shoes as you will be walking quite a bit.

My friend took a video of us playing, and you can see what is it like in real life.

Since you will also be putting on the VR headset, don’t bother styling your hair as it will be messed up anyway.

If you are wearing spectacles, you might want to consider wearing contact lenses on that day. If you don’t have contact lenses, the VR headset does provide individual lens adjustment for each eye.

The game floor might look big, but in real life, you are pretty close together. You will get an alert with a siren sound if you are too close to your teammates. Then, a head-up display (HUD) will appear giving you the location of your teammates in real-time and how close they are to you. It is like the location minimap in games.

Personally, I got quite a lot of proximity alerts for Singularity.

I didn’t sweat at all, but some of my friends did. But rest assured all backpacks are clean and sanitized after each game.

Zero Latency is immersive, intense and very fun. If you are a gamer, you need to try it. I would think of Zero Latency as a high-tech version of laser tag.

Time seems to pass very quickly even when playing the longest game (Singularity) of 30 minutes. I hope Zero Latency Singapore will bring in more gaming worlds to make people keep coming back!

I am featured in SUPERADRIANME‘s video (which is embedded below) as well!

Thanks to Zero Latency Singapore, I will be giving out two pairs of Zero Latency Singapore tickets worth S$276 to 2 lucky winners. Each winner will get two pairs of tickets (four tickets).

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