After Amazon killed off FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping yesterday, many people suspected that Amazon Prime would come to Singapore and indeed it have.

Amazon Prime Singapore
Amazon Prime Singapore

Amazon Prime is now in Singapore and it will cost S$8.99 per month. But as an introductory offer, it is only S$2.99 per month. Amazon did not mention how long will the introductory offer last. It comes with a 30-day trial.

Amazon Prime gives you access to Amazon Prime Now which was launched in Singapore back in July 2017. Amazon Prime Now gives you free 2-hour delivery on items from the Amazon Singapore Store if your order is above S$40. That is not new as that has been offered since it was launched.

What new is the inclusion of free international delivery from Amazon US if your order is S$60 and above.

The Prime Now app has been changed to include two sections, Singapore, and international. You will get two carts as well, one for Singapore and one for international.

Another benefit of Amazon Prime is video streaming; you will get unlimited streaming of Amazon Prime Originals, popular movies, and TV shows.

Do note that Singapore Amazon Prime is different from US Amazon Prime. They operate independently.

Because of that, the Amazon US items that I am referring to earlier applies to those items pre-selected in the Singapore Prime Now app and NOT on The Amazon US items are extremely limited.

In other words, your Singapore Amazon Prime account will not give you any benefits on So don’t bother subscribing to it unless you are using the 2-hour delivery for Amazon Prime Now often.

Amazon Prime Singapore - US ItemAmazon Prime Singapore - Carts
Amazon Prime Singapore – US Item / Carts
Amazon Prime Singapore - Singapore SectionAmazon Prime Singapore - International Section
Amazon Prime Singapore – Singapore / International Section