The only speaker in Sudio’s audio lineup is the Sudio Femtio.

Sudio Femtio retails for S$189 and is available in three colors, Silver, Black, and Anthracite (Rose Gold + Grey).

Shipping to Singapore is free via DHL. Due to COVID-19, It will take five to seven business days to reach you.

If you need a 35% discount, you can use the coupon code: LESTER35, and that will make the final price of your Femtio to be S$122.85.

In fact, the coupon code LESTER35 entitles you to a 35% sitewide discount on Sudio’s products on 11/11 sales week from 4th November till 11th November 2020 and Black Friday sales week from 23rd till 30th November 2020.

If you can’t wait till 4th November 2020, you will still get a 15% discount from now till 3rd November 2020.

Sudio Femtio - Box Front
Sudio Femtio – Box Front
Sudio Femtio - Box Back
Sudio Femtio – Box Back
Sudio Femtio - Box
Sudio Femtio – Box
Sudio Femtio - Box Open
Sudio Femtio – Box Open
Sudio Femtio - Box Contents
Sudio Femtio – Box Contents
Sudio Femtio - Instructions
Sudio Femtio – Instructions

On top of the Sudio Femtio, Sudio will be throwing in a free Black Card Holder.

Sudio Femtio is a Bluetooth wireless speaker that features two 10W drivers.

Sudio Femtio - Top
Sudio Femtio – Top
Sudio Femtio - Bottom
Sudio Femtio – Bottom
Sudio Femtio - Front
Sudio Femtio – Front

It is IPX6 rated, which means it is waterproof.

Sudio Femtio - Back
Sudio Femtio – Back

The build is solid, with fabric mesh covering the speaker except for the sides.

Sudio Femtio - Side
Sudio Femtio – Side

A full charge of the speaker can last you about 14 hours of music playback. Charging is done via the USB-C port located behind the speaker. A USB-C to USB-A cable comes with the packaging.

Sudio Femtio - Charging Port
Sudio Femtio – Charging Port

You can use it to answer calls as well since it has a built-in microphone.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, but sadly you can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time.

Five LEDs are in front, four on the left to indicate the battery level, and one on the right to indicate whether it is switched on.

Sudio Femtio - LED
Sudio Femtio – LED

One of the more interesting features is the Dual Pairing mode. Two Sudio Femtio can be paired up to play from the same audio source, allowing the music to cover a much larger area. Think of it like a daisy-chain.

Sudio Femtio - Dual Pairing
Sudio Femtio – Dual Pairing

You do that by pressing the Bluetooth button twice on your first and second Femtio. This will connect your second Femtio to your first Femtio. The Bluetooth connection between the first Femtio and your mobile device will be interrupted for a few seconds before it reconnects back.

The power LED will turn from solid white to blinking green and once Dual Pairing has been set up, it will be solid green instead of solid white.

You need to do it Dual Pairing just once. After it has been set up, switching on both Femtio, will automatically be connected with each other.

Sudio Femtio
Sudio Femtio

Audio quality, it sounded good with my untrained ears. The volume is loud enough to cover the master bedroom of about 15 m2. Despite the speaker’s size, the bass is punchy and doesn’t crack when the volume is loud. Though I wish the bass can be stronger.

Given the price range, it is a good alternative to the JBL Flip 5, which retails for S$179.