I am doing a minor upgrade to my Living Room. The first was making some furniture arrangements, followed by mounting two Sonos Play:1 on Sanus Sanus Wireless Speaker Stands.

I even upgraded all my HDMI cables to HDMI 2.1.

And the inevitable has come, I am upgrading my Sonos Beam to a Sonos Arc. I also took this chance to change the color to white since Li Xiang says it goes better with our Living Room’s theme.

Sonos Arc retails for S$1,599 officially in Singapore. During 6/6 sales, after accumulating about S$208 worth of discount vouchers from Lazada, Shop, and Bank, I ended up paying just S$1,311 on Lazada.

Because there is a backorder for the white Sonos Arc, I bought it on 6th June 2022, and it got delivered to me on 20th June 2022.

Sonos Arc - Box
Sonos Arc – Box
Sonos Arc - Box Side
Sonos Arc – Box Side
Sonos Arc - Box Contents
Sonos Arc – Box Contents

The HDMI port is on the left, the Ethernet port in the center, and the power on the right.

Sonos Arc - Ports
Sonos Arc – Ports

The controls are in the center of the Sonos Arc.

Sonos Arc - Controls
Sonos Arc – Controls

Unlike the Sonos Beam, where the microphone indicator is in the center, Sonos Arc moved it to the right.

Sonos Arc - Microphone
Sonos Arc – Microphone

Upgrading from Sonos Beam to Sonos Arc is a bit cumbersome. Using the Sonos app, I can’t just “replace” the Sonos Beam with Sonos Arc.

I need to remove the whole Sonos surrounds in my living room using the app and then create a new surround with the Sonos Arc.

I will be moving the Sonos Beam to my room to pair it with my PRISM+ Q55 TV and Sony PS4 Pro (in the future this will be PS5).

Sonos Arc - With Mi TV 4S
Sonos Arc – With Mi TV 4S

Sonos Arc is more powerful than the Sonos Beam and is meant to be placed in the living room. Even a non-audiophile like me can hear the difference. So if you are looking for a soundbar for your living room, save up the money and go with the Sonos Arc straightaway. You will not regret it.