Rode PSA1+ is a microphone/boom arm from Rode. I got it from Red Dot Photo on Lazada during 12/12 for S$141.32. The usual selling price should be about S$169.

I was using a cheap China OEM microphone arm that I bought it together with my Rode NT-USB Mini, and it is pretty bad. You can only rotate the arm if you do not tighten the clamp; even so, the rotation is not smooth. The screws protruding near the clamp area will scratch your table, which was my deal breaker. Given the price, I would say it is ok. But in my case, I would rather pay more to get a quality microphone arm instead. So that is why I went ahead and got the Rode PSA1+.

Rode PSA1+ Box Front
Rode PSA1+ Box Front
Rode PSA1+ - Box Back
Rode PSA1+ – Box Back
Rode PSA1+m- Box
Rode PSA1+m- Box

I chose the Rode PSA1+ instead of Rode PSA1 since the price difference is only about S$20, and it comes with better features like cable management, silent operation, and slightly longer reach.

Rode PSA1+ - Box Contents
Rode PSA1+ – Box Contents

The Rode PSA1+ is well-built, feels very premium, and has cable management clips on the arm.

Rode PSA1+ - Arm
Rode PSA1+ – Arm
Rode PSA1+ - Arm Joint
Rode PSA1+ – Arm Joint

If you look at the mounting joint, it is solid, feels premium, and is very well built.

Rode PSA1+ - Mount Joint
Rode PSA1+ – Mount Joint

The rotation is smooth, as you expect it to be, from a premium microphone arm.

Rode PSA1+ - Table Mount
Rode PSA1+ – Table Mount

If you have the budget, forget those cheap China OEMs and get this.

Rode PSA1+ - Close Up
Rode PSA1+ – Close Up

My only complaint is that the Rode branding covers on the arms are too “loud.”

Rode PSA1+
Rode PSA1+