World Cup 2002 Day 10

Went out to pray in the morning, then went to Liang Court to eat Swensens for my lunch, bought a Levis jeans, come back home and almost sleep the whole day LOL.

*Warcraft III News* Read yesterday papers about an advertisment regarding the launch of Warcraft III:Reign Of Chaos at Funan on 1st July 2002 organised by Gaming.Starhub. And on Gaming.Starhub Warcraft III Channel, there is a countdown timer to 1st July 2002 where Warcraft III will be launched. Price is estimated at S$56.70 for the normal box, wonder how much will the limited edition box cost?

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World Cup 2002 Day 9

21:23 2nd 1/2 of the match a bit boring, only 1 and only goal from Ronaldo, fair or rather clean game played, only 20 fouls and 3 free kicks. I wanted to see more Carlos trademark freekick and goals, but nevertheless, China did a good job.

20:20 Yay, Brazil is leading by 3 goals, score at half-time Brazil(3)-China(0), the first goal by Carlos is definitely superb, very excellent free-kick. Carlos lives up to his name.

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World Cup 2002 Day 8

Missed the first 2 matches of the day, went to eat Tim Sum at World Trade Center then went to Jurong Point to look around. Rushed back to catch the last match, I must say that the match is the best match so far, clashed of the titans, but in the end wasted, David Beckham scored the only goal of the game through a penalty kick. What an exciting match!

Matches Played
Sweden(2) : Nigeria(1)
Spain(3) : Paraguay(1)
Argentina(0) : England(1)

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World Cup 2002 Day 6

Went out to shopping so missed all the matches, today matches are really disappointing, Portugal lost to USA 2-3, Germany drew with Ireland 1-1, Portugal and Germany are both strong teams, and they should have won, but guess that the ball is round, yet another France – Senegal game, where the least expected team wins. Hope tomorrow matches will be better.

Matches Played
Russia(2) : Tunisia(0)
USA(3) : Portugal(2)
Germany(1) : Rep. of Ireland(1)

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World Cup 2002 Day 5

Watched the 1st match of the day, I must say that it is quite boring, that is why I only watched the first half of the match, but at least China did made some improvements, they just lacked experience. Eager for the match between Brazil and China this Saturday(8th June 2002) 7.30pm.

Woot, the 2nd half of the match between Japan and Belgium is exciting, the Japan team is like going for a fashion, the hair is golden and some even red. LOL, Japan is good I must say.

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World Cup 2002 Day 4

Haiz, missed the first 2 matches of the day, went back to school to teach my friend maths and database, and at 3pm played basketball until 6pm, rushed home and just in time to catch the last match of the day, I must say that Ecuador passing is superb.

Matches Played
Croatia(0) : Mexico(1)
Brazil(2) : Turkey(1)
Italy(2) : Ecuador(0)

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World Cup 2002 Day 3

Yap, finally stayed at home the whole day, asked a couple of friends over to my house and we watched all the 4 world cup matches. I am quite disappointed with the match between England and Sweden.

Matches Played
Argentina(1) : Nigeria(0)
Paraguay(2) : South Africa(2)
England(1) : Sweden(1)
Spain(3) : Slovenia(1)

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