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Looking Back 2022

After almost two years plus on-and-off restrictions due to COVID-19, Singapore finally opened up slowly in the year’s second half, and mask-wearing became optional for most places. Finally, we are almost back to normal. I hope in 2023, mask-wearing will become optional on public transport.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Thanks to my ex-colleague, JayJay, for the link up, I got into Roborock’s Public relations (PR) list. They have sent me two Roborock cleaners for review, the Roborock Q7 Max and Roborock G10.

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ErgoTune Supreme V3 (2022)

ErgoTune Supreme V3 (2022) is in its third iteration and hence the official name is called ErgoTune Supreme V3. The first one being the ErgoTune (2019) and the second one being the ErgoTune Supreme V2 (2020).

Because the ErgoTune Supreme has been in the market for more than a year, the assembler has gotten very experienced in setting up the chair. My ErgoTune Supreme V2 (2020) took two guys 20 minutes to assemble the chair as I am the fourth one in Singapore to have it.

ErgoTune Supreme V3 (2022) - Installation
ErgoTune Supreme V3 (2022) – Installation

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