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Looking Back 2017

Smart Home
Been staying at my place for almost two years now. With regards to my smart home update, I found out that MCO Touch Panel is not very lasting.

Three of my 1-gang MCO Touch Panel (MH-S411) spoiled. Spoiled in a sense, it doesn’t have power to the unit, and hence I can’t switch on or off my lights. Another of my 4-gang MCO Touch Panel (MH-S314), the Z-wave module inside it spoiled, so I can’t pair it.

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Looking Back 2014

In Looking Back 2013, I wanted to travel to Japan, but that didn’t happen. However, I am still on Holidays in Hong Kong for 13 days (22nd December 2014 – 3rd January 2015)!

For my 2014 resolution/wish, I think is time to save some money because of all the travelling! And to contradict my previous statement, maybe for the 2014 year end holidays, I hope to maybe travel to Tokyo, Japan.

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Looking Back 2012

In my Looking Back 2011 post, I mentioned that I wanted to get a new iMac and a MacBook Air to replace my ageing desktop and MacBook Pro respectively and I did it.

For 2012, my resolution/wish is pretty simple and much cheaper! I just want a new iMac to replace my 4 year’s old desktop and a MacBook Air to replace my 4 year’s old MacBook Pro as well!

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