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Dropbox Pro Now Comes With 1TB Of Storage For US$9.99/month

On the 27th August 2014, Dropbox announced that the Dropbox Pro plan now comes with 1TB (1,000 GB) of storage for US$9.99/month (S$13/month) or you can pay upfront for the year and that will cost you US$99/year (S$125/year).

Previously, US$9.90/month will only give you 100GB of storage, while 200GB will cost you US$19.99/month and 500GB will cost you US$49.99.

Dropbox - 1TB Email Notification
Dropbox – 1TB Email Notification

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Google Drive

Google Drive is finally here after years of waiting! Just in time to jump to cloud syncing/storage bandwagon. Microsoft has released their new SkyDrive 2 days ago.

Dropbox now faces some serious competition. I am a paying Dropbox user (Dropbox Pro 50 (50GB plan) – US$99/year) for almost 2 years now and I have used up about 95% of my storage space and I didn’t want to go to the Pro 100 (100GB plan) because at US$199/year it is pretty expensive. I hope this competition will drive down the prices for Dropbox, if not I would have to switch to Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive.

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How To Force Resync/Reindex Of Dropbox

If you look at the above screenshot, that is what happen to a few of my photos in different folder within the Dropbox’s Photos folder. Recently I upgraded my Dropbox plan to 50GB for US$99/year and hence I am able to place all my photos in Dropbox for syncing them across all my computers.

Here is what happened previously:

Corrupted Image In Dropbox

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