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Google Chrome And Google Drive Now On iOS

Google Chrome on iOS
Been waiting for this day! Google Chrome is finally here for iOS and it is an universal app! Played with it on both iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and it works beautifully, it has replaced Safari on my iOS devices!

The sync (bookmarks, history, tabs, preferences and devices) works great out of the box after entering my Google credentials!

Google Chrome iOS in App StoreGoogle Chrome iOS (iPhone) - Web
Google Chrome iOS (iPhone)

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Google Drive

Google Drive is finally here after years of waiting! Just in time to jump to cloud syncing/storage bandwagon. Microsoft has released their new SkyDrive 2 days ago.

Dropbox now faces some serious competition. I am a paying Dropbox user (Dropbox Pro 50 (50GB plan) – US$99/year) for almost 2 years now and I have used up about 95% of my storage space and I didn’t want to go to the Pro 100 (100GB plan) because at US$199/year it is pretty expensive. I hope this competition will drive down the prices for Dropbox, if not I would have to switch to Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive.

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