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Installing Ubuntu Server On Synology NAS

Before we start the installation of Ubuntu Server to Synology NAS, you will need to download the Ubuntu Server ISO image from Ubuntu.com. As of the time of writing, the version of Ubuntu Server stands at 20.10, and the file size is almost 1GB.

Once the download started, you can log in to your Synology NAS’s DiskStation Manager (DSM) to install the Virtual Machine Manager from Package Center.

Ubuntu Server 20.10
Ubuntu Server 20.10

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How to create an official WeChat account?

To create an official WeChat account, just go to apply.wechat.com and fill up the online form. You need to have a copy of your proposal document, official company certificate, company profile and business card of contact person.

The process is free and has no associated registration costs. WeChat has not authorised any agency as the official Official Account (OA) registration partner so all applications has to go through the above mentioned website.


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How To Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

Facebook has finally roll out the feature that lets you edit your Look Back Video, I am not too sure whether the feature has been rolled out to all users. Here is the direct link: https://www.facebook.com/lookback/edit/.

You will be able to choose a fix number of photos from the four categories of the Look Back video, namely:

Facebook A Look Back Video - Edit Step 1
Facebook A Look Back Video – Edit Step 1

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Bridging Huawei HG256s & D-Link DIR-855

Went to StarHub Shop at VivoCity on the 24th June 2011 to apply for MaxOnline Infinity which is Starhub fibre Internet service. I chose the MaxInfinity Elite plan which has a download speed of 150Mbps, upload speed of 75Mbps and international speed of 15Mbps. It cost S$82.18 per month for a 2 year contract.

They did not tell me when they are coming to set up the fiber Internet service. I waited a month and they called me on the 3rd week of July 2011 saying they will come on 26th July 2011 to install the service.

Disable WLAN on RG

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How To Force Resync/Reindex Of Dropbox

If you look at the above screenshot, that is what happen to a few of my photos in different folder within the Dropbox’s Photos folder. Recently I upgraded my Dropbox plan to 50GB for US$99/year and hence I am able to place all my photos in Dropbox for syncing them across all my computers.

Here is what happened previously:

Corrupted Image In Dropbox

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Gmail With Push On iPhone Using Prowl And Your Own Webserver

Before I start this tutorial, I would like to give full credits to crimsontwo from xSellize forums and joshua.menke from cocoaforge. I merely improve on crimsontwo’s work.

In the thread, Gmail + push on iPhone w/ Prowl on xSellize forums, crimsontwo gave instructions on how to run the Prowl python script on your iphone. The downside to it is that if your iPhone connection change from EDGE to 3G or 3G to Wifi or any vice versa, the script will be disconnected from Gmail. To solve this problem, he recommends you to upload the script to your own web server instead.

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Teach a Technophobe – Challenge #4

Received the 4th and final challenge of Teach a Technophobe last week! But both my mom and I was pretty busy and both of us only manage to complete the 4th challenge today.

The 4th challenge involves using a camera to record a video to spread your views on the E75’s email capability. Since my mom is a little camera shy, she do not really want to face the camera. So I thought why not ask my mom to use the E75 to record a video of something and then email me the video so that I can upload it to YouTube.

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