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WordPress For Dummies 2nd Edition

Placed an order for my copy of WordPress For Dummies 2nd Edition by Lisa from Amazon on 5th April 2009. Accordingly to Amazon, the estimated delivery date should be on the 12th May 2009, but I guess Amazon overestimated by a lot as I received it in my letterbox today on the 16th April 2009. It took less than 2 weeks to reach me! Nice job Amazon.

Price Breakdown
Book: US$15.74
Shipping: US$9.98
Total: US$25.72
Total: S$38.58 (US$25.72 x 1.50)

Amazon Box
Amazon Box

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WordPress For Dummies Arrived

Amazon estimated shipping arrival date is quite accurate. After my book is shipped, it listed on the site that it will arrived on the 18th December 2007 and it really did, in fact it came early in the morning at about 10am. Here are some pictures:

In fact, I have already browse/read through the entire book and I find it quite useful especially the WordPress MU part as I am not familiar with it. I always wonder what is the difference between /wp-content/mu-plugins/ and /wp-content/plugins/ when I extracted the zip, but after reading the book, I got my answer.

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WordPress For Dummies

Lidija from BlogWell, interviewed Lisa Sabin-Wilson, author of WordPress for Dummies. Lisa mentioned my name in the interview and I feel very honored. Thank you Lisa if you are reading this.

Lester Chan. He is a student, and he uses his WordPress plugins to put forward as he is going through school. People make donations to him because his work is fabulous. Hes got a couple of plugins that are just fabulous and one is called

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