I have ordered my copy of WordPress for Dummies over at Amazon (including shipping) instead of getting it at my local bookstores because it is cheaper!

Book: US$16.49
Shipping: US$9.98
Total: US$26.47
Total: S$38.38 (US$26.47 x 1.45)

Local Bookstore: Popular/PageOne
Book: S$39.90
Tax: 7%
Total: S$42.69

Local Bookstore: Kinokuniya
Book: S$42.00

I made a saving of S$3.62, even though it is quite insignificant, it is still money. And the time taken for the book to get delivered to me (Amazon)/waiting for the book to arrive (Local Bookstore) is about the same.

Go: WordPress for Dummies @ Amazon.com