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Tampines 1’s SWOP Party For Charity

Tampines 1 will celebrate its official opening ceremony next week on the Friday, 17th July 2009 and on the Saturday, 18th July 2009, there will be a SWOP party at its Roof Garden.

The SWOP Party helps encourage recycling where anyone can come by to exchange their clothes and accessories with others. Highlights of the SWOP Party include donations from popular fashion brands like Adidas, Diva, Dorothy Perkins, Esprit, G2000, Springfield, and Topshop, free flow of ice-cream for participants, and live DJ music. Additionally, there will be a SWOP-me Cosy corner, to keep accompanying partners who are there to support their friend/ spouses entertained.

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Tampines 1 Blogger Mall Tour & Meet Together Session

I was at the Tampines 1 blogger mall tour and meet together session together with Li Xiang. The meeting time was 2pm, but we are slightly late a little. I apologized for that. We met at level 6 which is at the management office. Upon reaching level 5, we realized that there is no way up to level 6 as the lift button and escalator to level 6 was disabled. The only way up is from service stairs.

On the first day, an estimated 111,000 people visited Tampines 1 and on second day it rose to 143,000. All shopping malls are equipped with a human traffic counter at the top of all glass door entrances. I didn’t know about it actually. If you happen to note it next time, it is actually a little black box often mistaken as a sensor.The tour started from level 5 all the way to basement 1. Due to time constraint, we only visited certain stores.

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