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Nexus 6P Official Case

The Nexus 6P Official Case was out of stock for quite sometime on the Google Store. I have been trying to get it but to no avail.

I am surprised that it came back on Black Friday and this is where Google Store is having a 50% on all cases and selected accessories.

Nexus 6P Official Case - Packaging Front
Nexus 6P Official Case – Packaging Front

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How to create an official WeChat account?

To create an official WeChat account, just go to apply.wechat.com and fill up the online form. You need to have a copy of your proposal document, official company certificate, company profile and business card of contact person.

The process is free and has no associated registration costs. WeChat has not authorised any agency as the official Official Account (OA) registration partner so all applications has to go through the above mentioned website.


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YouTube Singapore (youtube.com.sg)

YouTube Singapore is now official! YouTube makes its official debut in Singapore and it’s aim is to help Singaporeans find their favorite content and spread Singaporean content across the globe.

Its initial partners include music collection society COMPASS, leading sports rights agency World Sport Group, music distributor Valleyarm / Music Services Asia, and production companies Interactive SG, Oak Media, and Refinery Media.

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Official Name For Windows 7 Is Called Windows 7

It has been confirmed that Windows 7 will be just called Windows 7. Simple, short and sweet.

And, as you probably know, since we began development of the next version of the Windows client operating system we have been referring to it by a codename, “Windows 7.” But now is a good time to announce that we’ve decided to officially call the next version of Windows, “Windows 7.”

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