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If you are visiting Singapore as a tourist or for a business trip and intending to buy mobile phones, gadgets, computers or computer related components, this blog post is for you. Hopefully you will stumble upon this blog post via Google before you actually visited Singapore.

First and foremost, DO NOT BUY anything from Lucky Plaza, the only thing you should go to Lucky Plaza for, is for food. You might have recently read that a Bangladeshi businessman paid S$10,103 for 2 iPhone 5 32GB with extended warranty from Lucky Plaza.

Sim Lim Square
Sim Lim Square (Picture From Wikipedia)

Sim Lim Square

The most popular place to get gadgets or computer related components will be at Sim Lim Square, try to avoid buying anything from the ground (1st) level. I would recommend Fuwell at #04-02F/G or PC Themes at #04-19. Do note that most of the prices you see are for cash payment only, they do charge about 7% extra if you are paying with credit card. The opening hours are pretty short, most of the shops don’t have official opening hours, but in general, they are open from 12pm to 7pm daily.

My favourite store would be Fuwell at #04-02F/G.


  • Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, #04-02F/G, Singapore 188504
  • Opening Hours: 12pm to 7pm Daily
  • Contact: +65 6339 3901
  • Email: sales AT fuwell DOT com DOT sg
  • Website:

PC Themes

  • Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, #04-19, Singapore 188504
  • Opening Hours: 12pm to 7pm Daily
  • Contact: +65 6339 8339
  • Email: pcthemes AT yahoo DOT com

Funan - Digital Life Mall
Funan – Digital Life Mall (Picture From Wikipedia)

Funan – Digital Life Mall

  • Address: 109 North Bridge Road, Funan Digita Life Mall, Singapore 179097
  • Contact: +65 6336 8327
  • Website:

After Sim Lim Square, the next best place would be Funan, prices there are slightly more expensive than Sim Lim Square. Most shops accept credit cards and technically you are paying slightly more for a piece of mind as the number of trustworthy/reputable shops in Funan is more than than the notorious Sim Lim Square.

My favourite store would be Challenger at #06-00.


  • Address: 109 North Bridge Rd, Funan Digita Life Mall, #06-00, Singapore 179097
  • Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily
  • Contact: +65 6339 9008
  • Email: fc AT challenger DOT sg
  • Website:

Far East Plaza
Far East Plaza (Picture From Wikipedia)

Far East Plaza

  • Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
  • Contact: +65 6222 2121
  • Website: Wikipedia

If you are thinking of getting mobile phones, Far East Plaza is the place to be. There are 3 shops there that are recommended, Mobile Square at #02-98, WhyMobile at #03-126 and Moby Shop #03-76A. I used to go to Mobile Square because there are not much competition at that time despite the service was not that great.

These 3 shops do sell Apple products (iPhones & iPads), but of course they are priced a little bit more expensive than Apple Online Store (Singapore) because they have ready stock (you are paying a slight premium for it).

My favourite store would be Moby Shop at #02-52.

Mobile Square

  • Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #02-98, Singapore 228213
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 1pm to 9pm, Sat: 11am to 9pm, Sun: 12pm to 8pm
  • Contact: +65 6733 3747
  • Website:


  • Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #03-126, Singapore 228213
  • Opening Hours: 2pm to 9pm Daily
  • Contact: +65 6733 6881
  • Email: sales AT whymobile DOT com
  • Website:

Moby Shop

  • Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #02-52, Singapore 228213
  • Opening Hours: 2pm to 9pm Daily
  • Contact: +65 6733 4110
  • Email: sales AT mobyshop DOT com DOT sg
  • Website:

Any more electronic shops to recommend? Feel free to leave it in the comments =)

  • Christine Mae Rosal

    how much is iphone 5s, 5s, itouch 5, and ipad at lucky town plaza singapore?

  • Lester Chan

    Sorry I don’t know, I would not recommend getting any gadgets/electronics from Lucky Plaza

  • aahfeekiee

    For MicroSD cards, thumbdrives and plastic phonecases for hard to get models, go to House of Mouse, a small shop at Esplanade XChange (on Esplanade MRT, directly above it) For phone cases there’s a really good one at Far East Plaza Basement floor. I haven’t seen anybody else sell cheaper than this store.

  • Lester Chan

    Thanks for the share! I like House of Mouse as well, every time pass by there when I go for lunch!

  • Maqboolfida

    You know about Taj Electronics or any other mobile shop in Peninsula Plaza shopping mall? How are they? offer warranty and everything!

  • sutefanni

    Is Moby Shop still a reputable shop? I see this post was made 2 years ago. I plan to buy cellphone during my visit but I have a warranty concern. Are the phones sold in Moby Shop inclusive of international warranty?

  • Lester Chan

    Yes they are still reliable. I will update this post (since there are a lot of visits) if necessary. MobyShop doesn’t provide the warranty, they will give you the warranty card and if anything wrong, you have to go back to the respective phone company. I doubt the phone sold in Singapore has international warranty.

  • Lester Chan

    I am not sure, I have not heard of anybody that buy electronics stuff from Peninsula Plaza.

  • Ritika

    Hey.. Needed some information.. I would be in Singapore for my post-graduation. I was looking at buying iPhone 5s. Would it be better to go for a contract based phone or buy an unlocked phone from one of the shops that you have mentioned above and take a sim separately? Also which is a better provider, Singtel or Starhub? Also would Postpaid be better or pre-paid? I woulld need international calling to stay connected to my family.

  • Lester Chan

    Hi Ritika, if you are not in the hurry, I would recommend wait for iPhone 6 which I think will be launched in Singapore on 19th September 2014. If you need the phone and have a mailing address in Singapore, I would recommend you to order online directly from Apple at

    Personally I prefer SingTel, as to whether prepaid or postpaid really depends on how long are you going to be in Singapore. If you will be here for 2 years, get postpaid and if you do get postpaid checkout

  • Ritika

    Thanks a bunch! Actually i am in dire need of phone as my old phone (bb) wont survive for another 3 months. I would be in Singapore at the end of next month.. and was looking at buying the phone there itself as i would get the local guarantee (my course is for 17 months). So would it better to take a phone on Singtel contract? Also would you suggest any other phone for iPhone 5s. Your inputs are much needed. Thanks in advance.

  • Jan

    Hi Lester. I am planning to buy a mobile phone in SG and I am from PH. I just want to ask if you have any idea if they also have this tax refund thing for travelers? Thank you :)

  • Lester Chan

    Hi Jan,

    I don’t think you can get tax refund from those small mobile phone shops because most of them does not participate with Tourist Refund Scheme. You can get it at bigger shops like Challenger or even Telcos, but I will not be surprised if after the tax refund, it might still be cheaper at those small mobile phone shops.

    The tax in Singapore is 7%, I think you can get only 5% refunded.

  • Blue_rog

    Hi Lester, I’m on my first visit to Singapore and am looking to buy the new model HTC for my daughter. I wandered into Lucky Plaza but decided not to buy there and came back to the hotel and searched online and found your blog. Many, many thanks for the warning. I’ll have a look at Far East Plaza instead

  • Yuri Rahardi Pratomo

    Hello Lester,

    I would like to ask if you could help me buy Phone in Singapore and then Shipped it to Indonesia. It’s LG G3 32GB Factory Unlocked. From Redwhite or Moby.

    Will be waiting for your response.


    Yuri Rahardi Pratomo

  • Lester Chan

    Hi Yuri,

    Sorry, I don’t do that. You can buy from Moby online, they do ship to outside Singapore.

  • Lester Chan

    Cool, glad it helps you =)

  • Yuri Rahardi Pratomo

    Well yes I’ve tried to, but on the Checkout, there’s no option for International Shipping, only for Self-Collect options. :(

    Even though the site clearly said “NOW DELIVERS WOLRDWIDE” (which they misspelled too..) :p

    Contacted their support and sales via e-mail but got no response yet.

  • mr_tan93

    Hi , i want to ask , this september 29, 2014 i will transit in singapore for 1 day, i want to buy iPhone 6 plus, i don’t think that any istudio , nubox epicenter have enough stock on that day.

    do you have any idea where the place i can get iphone 6 plus on that day, do you think any far east plaza store have stock of it ? i read at the highest spec iphone 6 plus is 1488SGD, if far east plaza have stock of it, how much the price of iphone 6plus in there?

    thanks anyway :)

  • Lester Chan

    I highly doubt you can get it since the demand is still greater than the supply. Unless you are willing to pay $1.8k to $2k for the 128GB. That is market rate for that in SG right now.


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