Apple iOS 6.0 Out

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Here are the direct links FROM APPLE itself to iOS 6.0 for various iDevices: iPhone iPhone 4S (6.0/10A403) iPhone 4 (GSM) (6.0/10A403) iPhone 4 (CDMA) (6.0/10A403) iPhone 3GS (6.0/10A403) iPod Touch iPod Touch 5G (6.0/10A403) iPod Touch 4G (6.0/10A403) iPad iPad 3 (GSM) (6.0/10A403) iPad 3 (CDMA) (6.0/10A403) iPad 3 (Wi-Fi Only) (6.0/10A403) iPad 2 […]

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Firefox 6.0 Released

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Firefox 6.0 is officially released despite the final build got leaked out 2 days ago. Firefox 6.0 is released 2 months after Firefox 5.0 and 5 months after Firefox 4.0. Soon, people will just lose track of version number and it will no longer be meaningful! I have lost track of what is the current […]

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