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WhatsApp Web Now Available For iOS Users

Earlier this year, WhatsApp released a web client called WhatsApp Web for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. iOS was left out due to Apple platform limitations.

I think WhatsApp worked around the limitations or the limitations have been removed by Apple because WhatsApp Web is now available for iOS users.

WhatsApp iOS - SettingsWhatsApp iOS - WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp iOS – WhatsApp Web

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Apple Store iOS App Now Available in Singapore

After today’s update to Apple Store iOS App, I just realised the app is now available for all Singapore App Store users! Previously, I tried to download it and it just say it is not available in my region yet.

With WWDC 2015 taking place from 8th June 2015 till 12th June 2015, Tim Cook will probably announce the second wave of countries for the Apple Watch and I am pretty sure Singapore will be in. On a side note, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has listed Apple Watch in its database.

Apple Store app on iOS
Apple Store app on iOS

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Parallels Access 2.0

Parallels Access app used to be available only on iPad. But with the launch of Parallels Access 2.0 last week, the app is now available on both Android and iPhone (Universal App).

For the unaware, Parallels Access app is a remote desktop app for Android and iOS that allows you to run any application from your Mac or PC, and it is designed to give those applications a native feeling on the mobile/tablet.

Parallels Access 2.0 - iOS AppParallels Access 2.0 - iOS App
Parallels Access 2.0 – iOS App

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NewsLoop Now On Android

NewsLoop which was launched last year in July 2012 on iOS, is now available on Android via Google Play.

What is NewsLoop?
NewsLoop puts together the best news and lifestyle content from Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, all into a single elegant app. With over 400 publishers and 30 categories of stories to choose from, NewsLoop lets you discover news that matters to you.

NewsLoop on Android   NewsLoop on Android
NewsLoop on Android

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Loop & Meet App

Loop & Meet (SingTel link) is an App by SingTel that allows you to manage RSVP to your events. It is different from Facebook Event because each of your guest will receive an SMS for your event and they can RSVP to the event by replying to the SMS with a #yes, #no or #maybe. Not everyone check Facebook often, but most do at least reply to SMSes.

It is free on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

Creating EventChoosing Your Guests
Creating Event & Choosing Your Guests

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Google Chrome And Google Drive Now On iOS

Google Chrome on iOS
Been waiting for this day! Google Chrome is finally here for iOS and it is an universal app! Played with it on both iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and it works beautifully, it has replaced Safari on my iOS devices!

The sync (bookmarks, history, tabs, preferences and devices) works great out of the box after entering my Google credentials!

Google Chrome iOS in App StoreGoogle Chrome iOS (iPhone) - Web
Google Chrome iOS (iPhone)

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Apple Singapore App Store Now In Singapore Dollars (S$)

Finally! Prices in both the iOS App Store and Mac App Store in Singapore are now displayed in Singapore Dollars (S$ or S$) instead of United Stats Dollars (US$). This means that the price of an app will not fluctuate because of the horrible currency exchange rate between Singapore and United States given by banks.

Last month, when I bought a US$0.99 app, my credit card bill will reflect S$1.30, but now the app just cost S$1.28. Apple uses very reasonable exchange rates, according to Google the exchange rate today (13:45 on Friday, 22nd June 2012) is:

iOS App Store Now In Singapore Dollars (S$) - iPhone
iOS App Store Now In Singapore Dollars (S$) – iPhone

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SingTel Launches Singapore’s 1st E-Book Service

The e-book service is known as skoob. It offer the works of Singapore writers, study guides and educational books for local primary and secondary school students.

At launch there are about 39,000 local and international bestsellers for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Payment is in Singapore Dollars (S$) and made via Singapore Credit Cards or if you are a SingTel customer, you can charged it to your monthly SingTel bill.

Skoob on iPad (Bookshelf)
Skoob on iPad (Bookshelf)

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