Microsoft Previews Windows Phone “Mango” Update

Snippets: Windows Phone 7.1 SDK is out (see link below), “Mango” and new Windows Phone will be coming this fall/Autumn/. “Mango” might not be Windows Phone 7.1 The first Nokia Windows Phones will be on “Mango” Dell will not come out with Windows Phone anything soon as it is not ready to hop on to […]

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Flickr For Windows 7 And Windows Phone 7

· · · Software

Flickr introduces Flickr for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 back in January 2011 and now it is finally available! I have been waiting for it! This application brings the best of Flickr to your Windows 7 mobile devices. You can view your Flickr photos in stunning high-resolution display, browse through photostreams, sets and more […]

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