Sorry for not updating for the past 2 days, was very tired and busy doing DSAL assignment. Lucky my girlfriend posted the blog yesterday, so I just post what happen on Monday.

Monday – 14/10/2002
Went to eat Nooch to celebrate Jean’s Birthday, we wanted to treat her, but end up she treat us. LOL. After eating went to Far East Shopping Center, bought 2 FourSkins t-shirts there, the t-shirt there is cheaper, cost $27 for 1, whereas Hereen sell at $29. Later went home halfway because my girlfriend have sudden rashes on her neck, so I send here home immediately, before coming home.

Tuesday – 15/10-2002
Had my IWED interview before that, got an A for it.

Today – 16/10/2002
Went to school for CANI presentation, well, not that bad, our lecturers say that our group assignment is above average, that is of course, our group got 6 people, where some group only have 2 persons. Later on went with my girlfriend to Suntec for lunch, after lunch we got nothing to do so we decided to catch a movie at 3 plus. Watch Enough starring Jennifer Lopez, a 2 hours show, not that bad the storyline. =)