Today is WWWP assignment deadline, was the first group to be interviewed, because I volunteered to be the first, the first to start, the first to go. After the interview went to Clementi for lunch, ate the Wan Ton Mee there, ordered $3, and the portion was so much, almost cannot finish, next time I shall not order $3. LOL

Went back to school to attend DEUI lecture, was 15 minutes late, but apparently there are less than 30 students in the lecture theatre, where it suppose to have at least 80 students. Completed my DSAL assignment in school after the DEUI, fixed almost all bugs and implemented some stuffs. It can be considered done, and the deadline and interview for this assignment is tomorrow. Woot.

Went to Bugis with my girlfriend for dinner, ate the same thing I ate last time, sliced fish curry, woo, it is so nice.

That’s mark the end all of all my assignments/projects for this semester, time to concentrate on my exams which starts on 22nd October 2002 and end on 1st November 2002. Good luck to all DMMT students.