Today is my DSAL assignment, I again volunteered to be the first group to be interviewed, so that I can go home first, left school at about 10am, came home immediately went to sleep, was very tired, woke up at 4pm to fetch my girlfriend to my house.

Waited for 123 at my house for so damm long, was damm pissed off, so I took a another bus out to change to other buses to go to Tiong Bahru Plaza. At Tiong Bahru Plaza, also waited for the bloody 123 to come until I was so pissed off, waited more than 30 minutes for the bloody bus.

About 7pm went for dinner with my mom and brother at Diamaru, ate Japanese Food as usual. Yummy. Will be going to school tomorrow to view my class DVIP projects, as I acted in one of the projects. =) Think I will be getting my 7210 this Sunday. Hehe