Overslept in the morning, long time since I overslept, suppose to wake up at 9am, in the end woke up at 9.30am. If not for my girlfriend sms, I think I will wake even later. Suppose to meet in school at 10am, so no choice but to ask my dad to fetch me to school, taking bus will require at least 30 minutes, with car, only 15 minutes. Hehe.

Watch many videos done by our fellow coursemates, too bad due to time constraints, they did not show the video which I acted in, so sad. After everything, went to Marina Square and ate Hans for lunch with the Lianz Tong , just for your information, I think Marina Square is the worst Hans branch. Hehe

Came back slept until 8.30pm then went Maxwell for dinner. Hmm, I think will start studying tomorrow, last day of enjoyment will be today.