Woo, bought my Nokia 7210 from M1 Shop at Paragon, cost $578, but trade-in my Nokia 8310, minus $200, so I pay only $378. Hehe =) Nokia 7210 is cool, so far no bugs encountered except on how to establish a connection to my PC. I got an error “IrSocketAPI error(0x80043205, NokiaCL.ServiceLayer)” whenever I try to select my Nokia 7210 after my WinXP has detected it. Weird error, I don’t think there is any problem with my PC or phone, I think it is Nokia PC Suite 5.0 problem. Hmm, has emailed Nokia Care about it, hope they can reply me asap. Can’t wait to upload some MIDI ringtones and graphics to my phone.

Came back at about 1.30pm, studied DEUI with breaks in between until dinner time with is about 7pm, mom cooked. Tomorrow will be a study day for me, will spend the whole day studying DEUI, as that is my first exams on 22nd October 2002. =)

School is over for me, but I still got another 2 more weeks till my exams is over.