Woke up at 12pm to talk to my girlfriend, as she is online, and will be online only for a while, so better seize the chance. LOL. Went to Great World City for lunch, ate Tepanyaki at the food court there. Long time since I ate that.

Came back study my DEUI notes for the 3rd time, later on play abit of UT2K3 and play around with my handphone, discovered some very useful functions, like automatic keyguard, operator logo on/off, etc.. Dinner was ate at home, my mom cooked, long time since I ate dinner at home. Hehe

E-mailed Nokia Care yesterday about the error I encountered, the customer service person called me this morning, and told me that the suite/phone is best used with Internal or Serial Infra-Red. Obviously I do not take that for an answer, didn’t bothered to argue with him, as they will normally beat around the bush and back to the same point.

After studying, I tried the Infra-Red again, but to my surprise, it works this time, I was so happy, so immediately transfer some images and my operator logo, wanted to convert and transfer the polyphonic ringing tones, but there is some problem, the midi file transferred over is only 0.2kb and it is blank. Need to figure out what is the problem. Hehe

Will be having my DEUI exams tomorrow from 6pm to 8.10pm, yes 8.10pm in the night, that is so late. Sighz, hope can make it for this paper. Good luck to those taking this paper too. =)