My girlfriend came my house in the morning, studied together with her, later went for lunch at my house there the coffee shop. Ate the wan ton mee, long time since I ate that at the coffee shop, I have been eating the wan ton mee stall from young, at least 10 over years. LOL. Those were the days.

Leave my house at 4pm for school, paper starts at 6pm. Well overall the paper was quite ok, not that difficult or not that easy either, the whole paper only 1 question which I do not know how to do, and I check with my classmates, they all also don’t know how to do it. LOL. Hope teacher will moderate that questions.

After the exams, went with Charlene, Stacey, Jean, Zhi Wei and my girlfriend to eat dinner at Bugis food court, ate fried rice with chicken cutlet, there is also a same store at Suntec City’s foodcourt, can’t remember the name of the stall. Hehe.

Next up, IWED exams on Friday, 25th October 2002 also at 6pm.