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DSAL Sucks

Stayed at home the whole day to study DSAL, went out only to buy lunch back. Ate Lor Mee from my house the other coffee shop, it is 1 of the famous Lor Mee stall in Singapore, queued for about 15 minutes as it is after lunch time, if not I think need to queue at least 45 minutes. Good food always must wait.

After lunch studied DSAL, took a nap can countinue again till dinner time. Hope I can make it for tomorrow DSAL’s test, 200+ lines of JAVA codes to remember, sucks, no open book somemore. When I was year 1, I took OOPG(Object Oriented Programming) in JAVA, the exams was open book. Enough of crap, back to study.

Good luck to all students taking DSAL tomorrow.