I must say MMAD and MMAS lectures are so boring, so dry. Not only that, I find that this semester core modules all are boring and dry, unlike the electives. The electives are much more interesting and the lecturer who is teaching it is also good.

Went for lunch at foodcourt 4 with Lians close friends. Long time since I met up with them. Last time I met them was at 7th December 2002, where they come my house stay overnight. Ate the Japanese Food there, not too bad.

After school went to This Fashion at Douby Ghaut, Lian wanted to buy some t-shirts from there. The shop there is newly opened and it is 4 stories high. She bought 2 t-shirts and a ring. Hehe

Went to Nanto which is a Japanese Restaurant in Diamaru, the one I used to frequent from young for dinner. Ask the cashier regarding the closing down of Diamaru, and she said that only the department store will close down, the restaurant and the supermarket will still be there. So there is still Japanese Food for us. Yay.

Will be going out with Lian tomorrow to walk walk and look-see, look-see.