As usual a boring Sunday. Lian and I spend nearly the whole afternoon printing my course notes, at least 200 pages, for all the 7 modules I am taking. First time I am so hardworking, if not normally I will only print it when exams is near as need the notes to study for exams. But I dont think I will read through till exams is near, maybe just bring to lecture for show. LOL

Uninstalled some games as I dont think I will play it. Finally I has enough space to defrag the games drive. Just for your information I got 8 drives of 10gb each. Hehe

Talk to Lian on the phone for a while, that is our weekly routine, every Sunday I will call her and talk to her on the phone.

Went for a late dinner at Henderson coffeeshop, ate the Tecochew Porridge there.

Second week of school begins tomorrow. Time flies.