Spent about 2 hours in the morning trying to install the USB 2 drivers, but to no avail, every time I installed the driver they would say “Data Is Invalid” whether it is the driver they provide me or when I used Microsoft Driver. Grrr. I will be passing the PCI to USB card to my uncle tonight for him to test on his office computer.

I didn’t know my mom also want Lian to do the website for this week, though she wants Lian to do the website on 15th December 2002 onwards. Afternoon, Lian came to my house, went with her and my brother to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch.

Bought Bread Talk home so that we can eat tea-break, and furthermore Bread Talk is having an offer, all pieces of bread are priced at $1.00 and the cakes have a 20% discount from 25th November 2002 to 29th November 2002.

I came back home, added in the missing price and item codes for the first batch of products, and now the first batch of products is completed. Proceed to take pictures of the second batch of products, left 1/4 to be done, should be able to complete by tomorrow. On a side note, digital camera the battery consumption is very high with LCD screen only can last for about an hour with a fully charged battery.

On this site news, I have modified the location name in b2online.php. Uploaded Lian’s site to my subfolder to save her the trouble from uploading 1 file at a time. Hehe.

Hehe, today is exactly one month to Christmas, 25th November 2002.

*Update* Played CS with my brother for 2 hours over my LAN, lost to him quite bad, sigh, my CS skills now really suck and cannot make it, I just hate the jumping they introduced in 1.4. Still prefer those cs betas days where I can rule easily =PpP

Fixed a very careless bug left by me in b2online.php that always count the total guests as 1. Should be if($totalguestsonline == 0 || $totalguestsonline == 1) but I put if($totalguestsonline == 0 || $totalguestsonline = 1).