Again went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch, nothing much to eat at my house’s below coffeeshops(there are 2). Ate the vegetable rice, wow most expensive vegetable rice I have eaten, 2 meat and 2 vegetables cost $5, Lian ate 1 meat and 3 vegetables cost $4. But lucky the food isn’t so bad.

Finished capturing all the product images and tracing it out on Adobe PhotoShop 7(Lian is very fast and precise in this). Pro. If I was to do it, think will take half a day. Hehe

Called up M1 hotline to ask about the Nokia 8250 price and trading in stuffs. 2 years plan or upgrade entitles you to buy Nokia 8250 for only $98, and the offer ends this Friday. If Lian trade in her Nokia 8210 for $150 with M1, and the new phone cost only $98, the remaining money which is $52 will be forfeited. This is so cheaty, but that is the business world.

Told Lian about this, and the original plan was to buy the phone on Saturday, but due to the promotion deadline is on Friday, think will have to buy it on Friday. Hehe luckily my mom wanted to buy Lian Nokia 8210 for $150 for her office, thus Lian can get $52 in cash to buy Christmas presents. Hehe

My uncle came at night to fix my PCI to USB card on my computer, still could not get it to work, same error, “Data Is Invalid”. His office computer is able to detect it and works perfectly, he also tested it on my brother’s computer, also auto detect and works perfectly. Arrr, so the problems lies with my damm computer, don’t know whether it is Windows XP or my ABIT motherboard fault. Make me so fustrated.