Again played Warcraft III with Reaper and Demoblitzer, as usual on the losing streak, man we must really buck up. Can’t even win 2 insane computers on Timberhold.

Wake up 2 hours earlier today, 1.30pm. LOL, went down to buy Lor Mee for lunch. Mom called said wanted to fetch me to her office, but she called me again after her meeting said she will be late, so I said I go myself. Took me only 20 minutes to get to her office from my home by bus 143. Reached there about 4.15pm, if she fetched me will reach at 5pm. 45 minutes difference.

My mom has collected the Panasonic MP3 discman SL-MP35 which I ordered for Lian for her Christmas present, don’t worry about it, she knows it already, but she will not see it till Christmas. Hehe

Sent my application yesterday for my OCBC Debit Card, I have picked the “passion fire” design for the card. It is in the middle of the 3 cards.

My HWZ Magazine(December Issue) came today, exclusive DOOM III preview. Woot.