Went to Marina after school with Lian. Craving for the famous Minced Pork Noodle there, so we went to eat. It is good to eat on weekdays, because the queue is so short, and I only need to wait for like 5 minutes before it is my turn, and on weekends I have to wait for about an hour. See the hugh difference.

Went to NTUC later, Lian wanted to buy some shampoo and shower foam. After that we proceed to Funan, need to buy some printer ink and Lian need to buy mechanical pencil.

Bought the ink from PK computer, cost me $70+ for both black and color cartridges. I didn’t realise that the black ink cartridge is much more expensive than the color ink cartridge, and all the while I thought color ink cartridge is more expensive.

Saw the form for people to pre-order Command & Conquer Generals, wrote my name down and this time need to pay a deposit of any amount. I paid $10 deposit. The game cost $64.90 together with a free t-shirt, mouse-pad and poster. It will be launched on 7th February 2003, and I thought the official date is 11th February 2003. Weird.

Tomorrow is a very short day, my PCT lecturer went reservice, so no PCT lessons, thus my class will end at 12pm. Will be watching 8 Miles with Lian tomorrow at Plaza Singapura.

PS: Lian fell sick today, I hope she can get a speedy recovery just in time for Chinese New Year. Take Care Lian.