Had lunch in school before going to Plaza Singapura to watch 8 mile. Plaza Singapura the foodcourt is under renovation and will be ready in February 2003.

Help Charlene they all to buy the 8 mile tickets too, but their show is at 6.45pm. This is the first time when I buy NC-16 tickets I got checked, even when going in the theatre also got checked. Double checking, wonder why suddenly so strict. I saw one Malay couple in front of us, looks older than us and they got checked too. This is so disgracing. Even when I buy lottery also never got checked.

When I went in the theatre and sit down, didn’t know beside me is my coursemate and his girlfriend, ok both of them are from my course LOL. Such a small world.

Show lasted about 2 hours, I love the show, much much better than Hero, the way Eminem is power. Almost every sentence there is a vulgar word. I will always remember a phrase which is “F**k You And Have A Nice Day”. Thumbs up for this show.

Came back took a nap till about 8.30pm then had a late dinner at 9.30pm. Luckily tomorrow is a short day in school. Lian will not be going to school tomorrow because she is quite sick and she only need to go to school for an hour, might as well don’t go, as she takes 3 hours to travel to and fro.

Take care and get well soon Lian. =D