Lian didn’t come to school today, she went to see doctor at the polyclinic, she queued about 2 hours just to see the doctor and 2 hours just to take the medicine. Poor Lian, stand for so long =_=. Luckily she managed to get an MC for today. LOL

Went for lunch at Great World City again with my mom and brother, ate the same thing again, Teppanyaki.

Came back played 2 rounds of Warcraft 3 with Lian using LanCraft. Yesterday we tried LanCraft couldn’t work. After she reinstall Warcraft 3 today, then it works. Weird.

Code a “Quote Comments” feature, but it is still very very buggy, and I need all the help I can get. Click here if you would like to help me, it will link you to b2 forums.

Will be going to Chinatown with my secondary school friends tomorrow at night. Long time didn’t see them.

PS : Get well soon Lian.