I kinda like Thursday because there is VB practical lessons. Compared to Java, VB is no kick, I think Visual Studio.NET is good for developing such applications rather than JBuilder, much more user friendly and faster.

Went to Suntec for a walk after school ends, had a drink in Coffee Bean, long time never drink the ice blended from there.

Had dinner at Toa Payoh Lorong 8, went Toa Payoh to give my grandfather and aunties Chinese New Year goodies. Chinese New Year Eve is tomorrow, most people will be having their reunion dinner. Some have more than 1 reunion dinner. Like me, evening will be with my own family and at night will be with my dad’s family. For the past years we had been having reunion dinner with my mom’s side instead of only 4 of us, well this year will be a little different.

School ends at 1pm tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be the deadline for my MMAD Assignment Task 1. I had finished and printed it out already.