Went to pray my grandmother followed by reunion dinner at Swensens with my family. After that we went to my dad’s side to eat reunion dinner. I didn’t eat of course, was quite full.

Saw most of my cousins, about a year since I last saw them. We watched VCD through out the whole evening till about 10pm. Collected 7 red packets from there. Normally my dad’s side will give on the eve and my mom’s side will give on the New Year day itself.

Came back played a few rounds of warcraft 3 with Lian, Reaper and WilloWisp. We only lost 1 round, not that bad.

Will be doing most of my visitings later in the afternoon and Sunday will be watching Shanghai Knights with my family and at most visit 1 or 2 places. Hehe =D

Wishing All Chinese A Very Happy And Prospers Lunar New Year

Total red packets count : 8 (7 is from today)