Woke up at about 11am today, ate “Mee Sua” with shreddered chicken and abalone for breakfast. Have been eating that for CNY since young.

Went to visit my grandmother’s(mom’s side) house after that, followed by my grandmother’s sister house then we went to my grandfather’s(dad’s side) house. The house was so crowded, some people I had never seen before and he/she is my relatives, I am referring to my dad’s cousins. LOL. Left for my mom’s business friends house at about 3pm, ate lunch there. The buffet is catered from “The American Club”, previous years was from Shangri la. But nevertheless, the food is as good.

Went back to Toa Payoh for a short while before proceeding to my mom’s classmate house. This classmate of my mom is filthy rich, stayed in a big bungalow, had 4 or 5 branded cars. Went there for a short while only.

Came back home at about 5.30pm, played a few rounds of Warcraft 3. Had maggie mee with shredded chicken for dinner while watching channel 8, gen-y cops.

After the show, we continued to play Warcraft 3 while my parents and brother went to visit my grandmother’s(mom’s side) 5th sister’s house, which is just 6 blocks away. I stayed at block 115, she stayed at block 109. Didn’t went because it was so last minute, I was playing game 1/2 way and they decided to go. Anyway red packets is nothing compared with playing games with Lian. =D

Will be watching Shanghai Knights tomorrow and at most visit 1 or 2 houses. Lian will go visiting tomorrow, as today she stayed the whole day at home. =D

Total red packets count : 26 (17 is from today)