Woke up at 11.30am today, went to visit my mom’s ex-colleague, an annual CNY gathering. Had lunch there. Left the house about 2.30pm

Went to Bras Basah after that to look for my brother Table-Tennis shoes. I didn’t know Table-Tennis also got shoes. LOL. Unfortunately the shop did not open on Sunday.

We proceed to Suntec after that. First, I and my brother went to Nokia Care Center(NCC) to upgrade the firmware of my handphone to 4.18. 2 hours later we can collect our phones.

In the mean time we went to NYDC for a coffee break, the coffee there not bad and the price also quite reasonable. Shop at Carrefour after that till it is time to collect my phone. Finally my phone can use “Open Gallery” feature for the caller group and the screen flickers lesser.

After collecting my phone, we went to TS Video to buy some vcds. Bought a total of 7 vcds, mom paid. So coincidence, saw Geradine, my year 1 ICIT lecturer outside TS Video. She still could recognise me. LOL.

Went to PK Computer, mom bought ink for her office printer and I bought 50 cdrs. Mom wanted to go U2 to buy some 3/4 shorts, but when we were there, almost all the sizes sold up, so end up not buying.

Mom wanted to cook vermicelli soup for dinner, but after all the shopping it is dinner time. So we decided to had our dinner at Suntec. Tried the Sanur Indonesian Restaurant. The food there not that good and quite expensive. Head home after that.

Week 6 of school starts tomorrow, 2 more weeks till term break. My lesson till 3pm tomorrow. Hehe =D